More than 30 years of fashion and Parisian chic

PAULE KA was founded by Serge Cajfinger, an aesthete with a love of the fledgling modernity of 1960s design and its icons, who was influenced by the vibrant colours of his childhood in Brazil and inspired by the elegance of Parisian couture.

Since the opening of its first Paris boutique on Rue Malher in 1988, PAULE KA has established itself as the benchmark in sophisticated ready-to-wear, offering a complete collection of day and evening wear for a sleek silhouette.

PAULE KA quickly built up a reputation as the place to go for the perfect dress for every occasion, including special events. In 2008, PAULE KA successfully launched the "Black Carpet" collection, which was instantly snapped up by numerous celebrities.

PAULE KA occupies a unique position in ready-to-wear by offering accessible luxury: creative collections, high-quality fabrics, beautiful cuts, meticulous finishes and a chic, feminine look.

This unique positioning has helped the brand to quickly establish an international presence: it is now found in 37 countries with 320 points of sale, including 90 dedicated stores and corners, an online store, a flagship store and ateliers at 223 Rue St Honoré in the heart of Paris’ fashion district.



Three years after leaving PAULE KA in order to focus on personal projects, Serge Cajfinger is back at the artistic direction of the House he founded in 1988.

His new creations for the Fall-Winter 2018 collection will be available in stores from the end of April 2018.

Serge Cajfinger, the founder of the PAULE KA brand, was born in Lille in 1955 spent his childhood in Brazil. He returned to France in 1968 and opened his first multi-brand store called PAULE KA in his home town in 1974. After moving to Paris, Cajfinger created his ready-to-wear brand under the same name in 1987 and opened the first PAULE KA store in the Marais district.

Inspired by the grace of the 1950s and 1960s, he wanted to add a modern touch to the timeless elegance of dresses worn by icons like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The brand’s style is geometric, understated and chic yet urban, with wardrobe staples like the perfect black dress and bag made with impeccable materials and finishes. Cajfinger's designs for PAULE KA focus on charm rather than seduction and his contemporary and distinctive silhouettes have attracted a great many loyal customers.



In the fast paced rush of modern life, PAULE KA aims to celebrate more than ever the legacy of Parisian couture.

Not just with the technical expertise of the in-house atelier, but through the way in which it approaches design, using classical techniques as a foundation, and introducing new volumes, modern fabrics and innovative finishes to build a contemporary wardrobe for every woman.

The house’s craftsmen, designers and technicians are dedicated to PAULE KA and, from the heart of the maison on Rue Saint-Honoré, work meticulously on each design.

Every detail, from fabric and cut, down to the width of hem on a trouser is considered and perfected. To create each of the four annual collections, only the knowledge and techniques inherent to the PAULE KA Atelier can guarantee the natural simplicity of this couture practice.

A feminine, Parisian elegance is brought to life through the expertise within the Atelier’s walls, redefining the codes of Paule Ka, to create a wardrobe for every facet of a women’s life.


  • 1974

Founder Serge Cajfinger was born in Lille in 1955 and spent his childhood in Brazil.

Returning to France in 1968, he opened his first multi-brand store in his hometown, which he named Paule Ka.

  • 1987

Moving to Paris in 1987, Serge created the Ready-To-Wear brand under the same name, and opened the first PAULE KA boutique in the Marais. Inspired by the grace of the 50s and 60s, he sought to give a modern twist to the timelessly elegant wardrobes of icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

The brand’s style is geometric and simple;  sophisticated yet urban; with a few must-haves like the perfect little black dress and handbags made with impeccable materials and detail. Serge’s  work for PAULE KA plays upon charm more than seduction, and his distinguished and contemporary silhouettes have earned him the loyalty of a diverse clientele.

  • 2007

The Patrimoine et Création fund (CDC Entreprises) bought shares in PAULE KA, which enabled the House to establish its headquarters on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris and open a store in Cannes.

  • 2011

Change Capital Partners, an English private equity firm that used to own Jil Sander, became majority shareholder, which helped the House to set new growth objectives. PAULE KA continued to expand internationally with the opening of stores in China and all over Europe as well as a flagship store and showroom in New York.

  • 2014

Following the decision to change the company's governance, Cajfinger left the House he founded after almost 30 years as Chairman and Creative Director to devote himself to new personal projects.

  • 2015

In July 2015, a year after Cajfinger's departure, Alithia Spuri-Zampetti was appointed Creative Director of PAULE KA. The young Italian-American designer had previously worked at Lanvin and channelled her energies into updating the collections while remaining true to the heritage of chic Parisian elegance.

  • 2016

In March 2016, the fashion house once again appeared in Paris Fashion Week's official calendar with a presentation that paid tribute to its ateliers’ savoir-faire.

  • 2017

Three years after Cajfinger's departure in July 2014, PAULE KA announced that he was returning to the House. Appointed as Vice-Chairman, he now supervises collections alongside the House's creative teams. His first collection will be presented in March 2018 during Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018. This event will also see the Rue Saint Honoré House celebrate 30 years of design. PAULE KA is now present in 37 countries and distributed through 320 points of sale, with 90 stand-alone stores in cities including Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.



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